Adolf Hitler Tea Kettle


This has been a long week for family retailer JC Penney’s. The retailer, which was listed among the brands most likely to dispensary in 2014 is now taking heat over a billboard featuring a $40 Michael Graves tea kettle that observers say resembles Adolf Hitler giving his infamous Sieg Heil salute.


After the retailer received unwanted media attention, the store chain removed references to the kettle on its website and removed the billboards in Los Angeles that advertised it.JC Penney recieved the most attention on Twitter. JC Penney responded to many tweeters saying ” it was unintentional”. The customers who did get the chance to purchase the kettle before it sold out, are selling it on eBay for as high as $250.


I would have never related the tea kettle with Adolf Hitler if it wasn’t brought up. In a way it does look the him but with all the financial issues JC Penney is dealing with right now, I don’t think they would do this intentionally. I personally think that people nowadays find any way to complain to just complain.

What are your thoughts?


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