“Fatkini” The Plus-Size Swimsuit


The “fatkini” is a two piece swimsuit for full figured/plus sized women that conceals and reveals. This suits become a hot seller for the upcoming summer season. The newest swimsuit making waves is partially designed by plus-sized blogger Gabi Gregg. “I really wanted to design bikinis that were stylish, young an fresh,” Gregg told ABC News. “I think alot of the swimwear on the market right now for plus sizes is kind of frumpy and matronly and a lot of it is designed to cover us up.”


The suit is selling on the website swimsuitsforall and ranges from size 10 to 24, sending the message to the fashion industry to make more. The majority of women in America are reportedly a size 14 or larger, and it appears there is an untapped market of women waiting to spend their money on something fabulous.

I personally love this swimsuit! Every woman wants something that fits her body, her curves, her style. When you are larger, they are so few and far between. I think it’s a great creation for plus-sized women.


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