Ryan Gosling Eats Cap’n Crunch

I came across a funny article on PR Daily called “Cap’n Crunch gets Ryan Gosling to Eat His Cereal”. This article talked about a gentleman named Ryan McHenry who made a youtube video of Ryan Gosling rejecting multiple spoon fulls of cereal. The video was consisted of multiple short clips of Ryan from different movies.

Ryan McHenry Cereal Video

Cap’n Crunch must have viewed the video and it inspired them to make their own 6 second vine video of Ryan Gosling getting his fix of crunch berry Cap’n Crunch cereal. As you can see below in the picture, Cap’n Crunch Tweeted the video on their Twitter page and had a catchy headline to go with it. Their Vine video has earned a number of retweets since it was released on their Twitter feed. The video has been called as an example of “social media done right.” Cap’n Crunch’s video has demonstrated that while data and craft have important places in marketing, sometimes you just need to think out of the box to get your message across.

Cap’n Crunch Cereal Video



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