7 Traits of a Solid PR Professional


If your looking to go into PR, here are the 7 traits of a solid PR professional

1. Business-Minded

What’s the end goal? That’s what PR professionals need to consider more often than they do typically. Before acting, a PR person needs to determine how the desired result contributes to the bigger picture of business success.

2. Flexible

A successful PR pro needs to adapt and, throughout any transition, help clients achieve communications and business success no matter the direction. PR pros also need to have the ability to deal with whatever comes their way in a professional manner.

3. Strong Writer

To be great at PR, one needs to have writing skills. In PR the above average writing skills are imperative, with colleagues and clients demanding everything from compelling blog posts to finely-crafted press releases and everything in between.

4. Sponges

No entry-level professional punches into a new job and immediately begins counseling the world’s biggest brands on high-profile communications issues. There’s so much to learn in PR on a daily basis. The best young professionals understand that experience can be gained from closely watching co-workers, carefully noting their accomplishments, and learning from their challenges.

5. Unafraid of Learning

Learning is endless and that’s so true when it comes to the ever-evolving PR field. There’s so much to gain in every interaction with a colleague or a client. The best PR pros know to embrace all that is happening around them and best leverage that data to improve as professionals.

6. News Junkies

PR people need to care about what is happening in the news in both their core sector and in the broader world. They need to be on top of news and trends, so that they can harness what they know to craft story ideas that best position their client, topic, etc, within the most timely, topical conversations in the media and on the street.

7. Thick Skinned

PR people get shot-down often. It’s a common occurrence and there’s nothing wrong with that. Amid great editorial success, get turned away pitching more than a fair share of story ideas, bylined articles, and profile pieces.


Information from PR Daily, By Scott Signore


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