6 Elements That Online Newsroom Should Have

1. Use Multimedia With Source Information

For example the American Cancer Society features a video full of interesting statistics and data that the media and publishers can use in stories and posts.

2. Feature Blogs on the Home Page

It’s important to feature corporate blogs on the home page of an online newsroom. For example Dr. Len’s Cancer blog and the ACS Pressroom Blog are featured on the home page of their newsroom. These blogs are full of dynamic content that’s added regularly; they’re good sources of information and additional story ideas for media and publishers.

3. Organize by Topic

For example Coke’s newsroom is incredibly easy to navigate. In large part, that’s thanks to the search-by-topic drop-down menus you find throughout the newsroom. This might seem basic, but it’s a quality of the future for most online newsrooms.


4. Organize by Text, Audio/Video and Photo Assets

Again, Coke makes it easy for you to find what you need when you visit its newsroom. These days, that means more than just news releases, though. Think audio, video and images that are all searchable by topic.


5. Make the newsroom searchable by media type

For example Red Bull allows you to search the entire newsroom by media type right at the top of the page.


6. Use Icons to Make Photos and Videos Easy to Find

Note the little icons below each story. They are signals that show you how many photos and videos each story includes.


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