YouTube Celebrity Jenna Marbles


New York Times recently wrote an article on the famous 26 year old YouTube celebrity Jenna Marbles. Jenna has more Facebook fans than Jennifer Lawrence, more Twitter followers than Fox News and more Instagram friends than Oprah. Crazy..right?! Her videos together have more than one billion views and her page currently has eight million subscribers.

Her popularity is unquestioned among teenage girls who live on the Internet. Although in my opinion shes probably not the best role model for these young teenage girls. Her video topics aren’t topics these young girls should be learning about. Her videos range from “How to trick people into thinking you have big boobs”, “What girls think about during sex”, and “Drunk makeup tutorial”. Those are just a few of them, theirs plenty more.

Industry experts estimate that a star at Jenna Marble’s level could make a very comfortable six figures. Unreal! I think anyone at that age would love to make that kind of money. It’s amazing how social media works. You really never know when somethings going to become a hit and take off. I personally don’t think that her YouTube channel will be a success forever. Maybe I’m wrong…time will tell!

What’s your opinion?


2 thoughts on “YouTube Celebrity Jenna Marbles

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  2. Thanks for the pingback! I think that JennaMarbles has a great thing going- but its a show and shows run their course eventually. I have a feeling that this stardom will lead Jenna to do many great things. She is smart and talented… who knows maybe she will end up working at youtube

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