DIY Tie Dye Swimsuit Cover-up

Can you believe summer is right around the corner! I came across a DIY (Do it Yourself) tie dye swimsuit cover-up that I absolutely love and have yet to try! Everyone could use a little tie dye in their wardrobe!


Supplies Needed:

– A White T-Shirt (One size larger then your actual size)
– Tie Dye Kit
– Needle & Thread

Dying The T-Shirt

Step 1: Pinch your shirt wherever you want the center of your swirl to be.

Step 2: Swirl your shirt around your pinch until it’s compact.

Step 3: Divide your shirt into 6 sections with 3 rubber bands.

Step 4: Squirt your dye in each section.

Step 5: Place shirt in a plastic bag for 8-14 hours.

Step 6: Rinse shirt.

Step 7: Wash your shirt by itself on hot in a large sized load.

Braiding Racer-Back

Step 1: Starting about 1 ½ inches below the bottom of your sleeve, cut one sleeve off of your shirt, creating a U-shape.

Step 2: Use your cut-off sleeve as a pattern to cut off your other sleeve. (Save the sleeves for later)

Step 3: Flip your shirt over so the back is face-up. Cut the back sleeves of your shirt, making the holes bigger only in the back, making a wide racer-back shape.

Step 4: Now, flip your shirt back over and cut off your collar. Cut about 2-inchs off.

Step 5: Flip to the back of the shirt again. Cut a straight line right below your collar, cutting your racer back off.

Step 6: Divide and cut your loose piece of racer back fabric into 3 strips. Tug on the strips to make them longer and easier to braid.

Step 7: Braid your 3 strips all the way to the top. Sew a few stitches at the end of your brad to hold it together.

Step 8: Now take your collar and fold it in half to find the center. Make a small mark where the center of your collar is.

Step 9: Make a few stitches connecting your braid to the center of your collar.

Step 10: Now cut a strip of fabric from one of your cut-off sleeves, about 1 ½ inches wide and 4 inches long.

Step 11: You’re going to use this fabric to cover your stitching. Stitch the end of the strip to the connection, and wrap it around covering your previous stitching. Connect your fabric at the end.

Your swimsuit cover-up is finished!


(Images- adventuresofamiddlesister.blogspot)

One thought on “DIY Tie Dye Swimsuit Cover-up

  1. I have a little bit of a tye dye obsession, I swear I should’ve been born in the 60s. In the summer I tye dye almost every white shirt I own or buy haha. I never thought about braiding the back like that though its super cute! Definately going to give it a try!

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